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Manhattan Dental Services in NYC

DDS Group is a Wall Street dentist that provides dental services in the financial district of New York, NY.

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At DDS Group, our goal is to meet all of your oral health needs under one roof. Whether you need an implant specialist, an endodontist for a root canal, or a cosmetic dentist to whiten your smile, you can find them all in our Wall Street dental practice. Our dental services are guided by the following principles:

Preventive Care Is Essential

This means supporting you in your home oral hygiene efforts and seeing you every six months to check for potential problems with the gums, teeth, and jaw. It means listening carefully to your concerns and working together to find solutions. As part of our preventive care, we conduct oral cancer screenings at each visit and take imaging when needed to identify areas of decay and bone loss.

Preserving Your Natural Teeth Is Best

We do this through restorative dentistry. When the health of a tooth is compromised, we can use a variety of treatments to restore its function and appearance. These treatments include composite fillings, crowns, inlays, and onlays. Ideally, with routine biannual dental exams, we can identify issues before they become serious, isolating areas of decay and repairing structural damage to the tooth.

When the pulp of a tooth is infected, we offer endodontic treatment to save it. During a root canal, we remove the infected tissue and re-seal the tooth with a crown or filling to prevent infection from recurring.

Healthy Gums Are Important for Overall Health

There is a growing body of evidence linking gum disease to other inflammatory diseases. We assess your gums during dental exams and our periodontal team offers scaling and root planing treatments to halt the advance of gum disease.

Function Is Paramount

When a tooth is damaged or missing, our primary goal is to find a solution that restores natural function. For missing teeth, we believe the best solution is dental implants because they are the only option that performs exactly like your natural teeth. We will work together with you to put together a treatment plan that lets you get back to your day-to-day activities, whether it’s singing in a choir or eating corn-on-the-cob at a summer cookout.

But Aesthetics Matter Too

We offer cosmetic dentistry in Manhattan because we know that having a healthy, beautiful smile can help you feel better about yourself––and that when you don’t feel good about your teeth, it can have a big impact on your life. Even a small investment in teeth whitening or cosmetic bonding may make a dramatic difference in your self-esteem. We believe all of our patients deserve to feel confident when they smile.

With our team of experienced doctors, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best comprehensive dental care when you choose DDS Group.

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