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Porcelain Veneers in Lower Manhattan NYC

Dental Veneers

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If you’re looking for a procedure to give you a dramatic smile makeover, consider dental veneers. Veneers are thin tooth-colored pieces of porcelain or other materials that are applied to one or more teeth to mask imperfections and improve the overall appearance of your smile. Patients choose to get veneers for:

  • Adjusting the shape and size of teeth
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Teeth that are uneven in length
  • Chipped and cracked teeth
  • Discolored and stained teeth
  • Fixing slight misalignments that aren’t problematic enough to merit braces

Veneers curve over the front of the tooth surface, wrapping around the edges to make them appear completely natural.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect When Getting Dental Veneers
During your initial consultation, we’ll meet with you at our office and examine your teeth, take any imaging needed, and discuss your goals for treatment. Before we embark on any work, we will ensure that veneers are the appropriate option for your needs. There are times when other dental issues may complicate the process of getting veneers. In these cases, we may need to correct the complicating factors before proceeding with the dental veneers. At your next appointment, we will shave a small amount of enamel from your teeth and take digital impressions. These impressions will help us fabricate custom veneers to fit your teeth perfectly. Once your veneers are ready to be placed, we’ll clean the surface of your teeth to remove plaque, which prevents cavities from forming underneath your veneers. We use a tool to make the surface of your teeth rough; this helps your veneers adhere better. Using dental cement, we bond the veneers to the prepared teeth, then cure the cement with an ultraviolet light. By the time you leave our office, your veneers are securely in place.
Materials Used to Make Dental Veneers
Porcelain is the most common material used to make dental veneers because of its natural ability to mimic the appearance of teeth. Thin sheets of porcelain are layered one on top of another to match the layering that occurs in natural teeth. These veneers can last up to 15 years with proper care. Composite resin veneers are another option for our patients. This type of veneer is more affordable than porcelain, making it a good solution when budget is a concern. Instant veneers are a third option; while these are the least expensive type of veneer, they are not custom-made and usually last about seven years.
The Cost of Dental Veneers in NYC

Many of our patients are concerned about the cost of dental veneers. Cost varies depending on the type of veneers you’re getting and the number of veneers needed. Because they are considered a cosmetic procedure, veneers are rarely covered by dental insurance. Many of our patients use FSA or HSA funds towards the cost of their veneers. Ask us about our corporate rate and preferred rate plans to save on dental veneers and other procedures at DDS Group.

Dental Veneer Maintenance
Veneers need replacement eventually, but you can extend their lifespan with proper care. Brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day and floss once a day. Avoid biting down on hard foods and chewing any non-food items that could damage your veneers, like fingernails or ice cubes. If you clench your jaw or grind your teeth at night, let us know and we can have a splint fabricated for you to wear during sleep to help prevent damage.
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