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We are happy to announce we have been named an Invisalign Premier Provider for the 4th year in a row! 

Please call our Invisalign dedicated phone number to set up your complimentary consultation: 212.482.1326


Teeth Whitening


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Accommodating our Patients Needs....

 "Upon this first appointment after seeking to switch from the former dental provider where a dental cleaning by him is certainly always a rather torturous and sadistic event each time...I was pleasantly surprised at my new hygienist Jennifer who,was so delightfully happy to see me and just absolutely so well-articulated about everything I wasn't sure if I did something... Inadvertently to deserve such kindness.  The overall cleaning went without a hitch.  No root canaling scraping under the tooth and hitting nerve endings in the gum to send you flying through the roof !! Just gentility.  All around.. An experience meant like one were seated first class flying on Japan airlines headed out of JFK to Tokyo or Emirates to Dubai on an a380.  Its too good to be true.  Stop this the new dentist is Super, Jewish, and smart.  Which by all means is such a nice change from prior experiences with the former dental office and clinic for the past 5 years.  Perhaps I should have made the changeover sooner.  Yet, being busy and uncertain makes things rather uneasy when coming to such decisions especially.  But I'm extremely happy... and definitely would recommend them to anyone who needs a change!!!"Bernard M Jan 2015 

" Great. I needed emergency treatment because of a broken filling and I was accommodated professional service all the way around. I will only use you in the future.Thanks "Albert C. Dec 2014

"Gigi the hygienist and Dr.Lisa Handler are absolutely the best.  If you are looking for a up to date practice,pain free treatment and reasonable fee this is the dental group for you. They are kind, competent and everything is explained up front so that there are no surprises. Lastly,their hours are great." Charles M. Dec 2014

New York City Dentists. World Class Smiles...

Your oral health is our top priority.  Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve.

Our commitment
to caring for our patients includes providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health.  We hope our Web site will act as a resource you will find both useful and interesting.  

If you have any questions/concerns, or if you would like toschedule an appointment, please go to - Request an Appointment - or feel free to call or email us - Contact

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